Titanic, the Musical

4 stars

“One of the most powerful musical shows you will see with excellent performances from a talented cast and quite breath-taking production - unmissable.”

5 stars

“A feast of remarkable theatricality – this totally enveloping, completely thrilling production gave one a chance to experience the kind of masterly theatre that has been absent in Birmingham for far too long.”

5 stars

“The vocal performances are tremendous, and the entire ensemble cast are simply astonishing in their talent and energy. A truly amazing evening at the theatre.”

“A triumph!”

4 stars

“Deservedly recommended; only a heart as cold and unshifting as an iceberg wouldn’t melt to this production’s persuasive authority.”

“A stirring tribute to those who sailed aboard the ill-fated ship of dreams. A show that is at once uplifting and heart-wrenching.”

“Bold, brave, poignant and tragic.”

“This production has one of the most rousing, powerful and 'sit back in amazement' scores, sung with such passion and volume that you can't help but me dumbstruck. Every member of the cast deserves their own standing ovation.”

4 stars

“A wonderfully atmospheric production. You can't help but get swept away with the emotion and sentiment of this first-class show.”

4.5 stars

“A modern musical masterpiece about a legendary piece of history.”

“A thrilling, exciting and ultimately moving rendition.”


“Heart-rendingly powerful production of a modern musical theatre masterpiece.”


“This dignified production has a glorious and moving score with a story full of aspirations, hope, love, ambition and ultimately tragedy. A fantastic performance which deserved the standing ovation!”

“One of the most memorable evenings I have spent in a theatre. A must-see show.”

“This is a stunning show.”

“A theatrical tour de force.”

“The audience was on its feet moments after the last chord was struck.”

5 stars

“An inventive, moving and beautifully produced piece of theatre. The audience could not avoid standing and cheering at the end. They had been entranced and entertained from beginning to end. Bravo!”


“The final curtain is cheered to echo by an audience who find themselves challenged, impressed, and - in the end - deeply moved”